What are you planning today?





Most event management companies promise you the moon and stars, but often fail to even get off the ground. We like to think we are different.

At The Inside Access, we believe in getting the basics right, and doing them well, so you can focus on the most important part: being a fabulous host.

Led by hospitality industry veteran Arron Goh, The Inside Access is staffed by a hardworking and earnest team that prioritises building strong relationships. Every line in its Little Black Book is filled with clients, partners and suppliers that share our values.

On the day of the event, know that you can leave everything in our care and be free of stress and anxiety. The term “going south” is not in our vocabulary, so you can be sure your event is in good hands.


The Inside Access manages four types of events:

  1. Corporate Events
  2. Yacht Parties
  3. Chef’s Table
  4. F&B Tours

In place of flowery descriptions and hyperboles, we present these case studies to show you what we are capable of.


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